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Cel.: (+39) 334.3060091
Cel.: (+39) 334.2258277


“Friends of Castagna di Vallerano”

The Cultural Association Amici della Castagna di Vallerano
It´s a group of people who like the traditions and history of their small town, dedicated to all the
flavors of autumn and to the ancient traditions.
They make a campaign of promotion and information, a campaign for the their product –
chestnuts. The chestnuts here are again those known as “Castagna di Vallerano DOP”.
The workmanship of the chestnut is very important here. Castagna and marrone are two
kinds of chestnuts fruit which are slightly different but they are both domestic.
Summer is over, even though the temperatures are still quite high in Vallerano. As the weather in
Latium provides a mild autumn, with plenty of sunny days, what could be better than an outdoor tour !
That is the reason why the cultural Association still celebrates the fall season with special dishes
made with this fruit.
This is CHESTNUTS FESTIVAL, this is Vallerano.

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