We are waiting for you in Vallerano
Country Chestnut D.O.P.

An annual event which is famous (or well-known) all over Italy.
The visitors will be able to taste chestnuts and other typical local products.
It is eaten in the historical cellars , dug made by hand in the tuff, an underground rooms often
used for storing things: like laboratories of working for smooth brown nut of a chestnut tree (some
types of which can be eaten like roast chestnuts) and like wine cellar where wine is stored.
The Chestnut Festival also provides you with an opportunity to discover local produce.
For our visitors pleasure, there will be character re-enactments of old traditions and trades from a
world which no longer exists. There will also be displays of old utensils.
During the “Festa della Castagna” (Chestnuts Festival) in the main square Piazza della Repubblica,
you will be surrounded by tastes and smells that will remind you of the rural past, for example, the
roasting of chestnuts on enormous braziers.
Our association “Amici della Castagna” has a qualified person (local guide) who shows other
people the way to a place, especially to show tourists around interesting places.
We can see the oldest bake house, the place is of historical importance, where made a local bread
(type of food made from flour, water and usually mixed together and baked).
In the old town you can see a lot of exhibition of art that are shown to the public or the authors
will given a presentation on the new books.


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